How Much Home Can I Afford? -

How Much Home Can I Afford?

How to calculate how much home you can afford:

If you have asked yourself “Exactly how much home can I afford on my income?” please continue reading. This question will be determined by a few factors.

Your gross monthly income before taxes is used to calculate your debt-to-income ratio (often called DTI). To calculate the DTI on a typical FHA Loan, simply take your gross monthly income and multiply by 31%.

Standard example:

  • Up to 31% of gross income can go towards house payment. House payment + other credit debts (car payments, student loan payments, minimum credit card and installment payments alimony and child support payments) cannot exceed 43% of gross monthly income.
  • Rent, food, utilities and medical, life and other insurance will not be counted towards 31/43 ratios.
  • If you want to sell a home you currently own in order to invest in a new home, your current house payment should not be included as it will be going away.

FHA Example:

  • If your gross income before taxes = $3,000 x 31% = $930 income allowed to go towards your total house payment. House and other credit related payments cannot exceed $3,000 x 43% = $1,290
  • $930 house payment + $350 other payments = $1,280 (under 43% of income) Note: Each application stands on its own, in many cases borrowers are getting DTI ratios approved as high as 47% of gross income on just the house payment and as high as 57% of the total of debts to gross income.
  • 47% DTI Example: $3000 x 47% = $1410

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