Ready To Close Checklist -

Ready To Close Check List

Prepare for closing:

You’ve done all the work of preparing to buy, shopping for and negotiating a good sales price. Now it’s time to close on your new home. Use the following check list to ensure you aren’t going to miss the all-important move in date.

  • If new construction, ask for a construction timeline schedule
  • Send copy of purchase contract with copy of earnest check to your loan officer
  • If new construction, schedule a design center and color meeting
  • Request appraisal from your loan officer
  • Request inspection from your real estate agent
  • Notify your loan officer that you will need homeowner’s insurance quotes
  • Schedule your physical walk through and demonstration
  • Notify your loan officer to order your title policy
  • Schedule closing time to sign documents on your new home
  • Schedule a potential move in date
  • Schedule a date to turn utilities on (water, electricity, cable, gas, internet, etc.)

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