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21 Must Have Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Builder

Important questions to ask before choosing a builder:

Before choosing a new home builder, these are the 21 must have questions to ask. Any reputable builder should be willing and able to supply you with this information before you start any transaction.

  • 1. How many homes have you built and sold in the last 12 months?
  • 2. Can I use my own real estate agent to represent me during this transaction?
  • 3. Which energy efficient, engineering or construction techniques do you build with?
  • 4. What are current homeowners saving on utility bills, as a result of your green construction?
  • 5. Who will be my primary contact during the sale, design and construction process?
  • 6. Who will be my primary contact for warranty issues?
  • 7. What is the average time that it takes to resolve a warranty issue?
  • 8. How long is the normal construction process?
  • 9. How often will I get updates on my construction timeline and progress?
  • 10. Can I bring in my own inspector during the construction process?
  • 11. If things are not proceeding according to the time line, who will be my point of contact to get things back on track?
  • 12. May I have references of 3 homeowners that you have successfully built for?
  • 13. May I have references of 3 homeowners that are currently dealing with your warranty department to see how their claims are being resolved?
  • 14. May I have a copy of your errors and omissions insurance policy before we start the purchase process?
  • 15. During the construction, if I decide I want to add a feature what is the process to do so?
  • 16. What are all the warranties that come with the house?
  • 17. May I have a written copy of all the warranties to review?
  • 18. What is the builder’s policy if I am dissatisfied with a warranty issue or claim?
  • 19. Who will take me and teach me about the home during my final walk through?
  • 20. Can I bring my own inspector in during the final walk through?
  • 21. If at any time I am not happy with any of the staff, construction or warranty process, who has the ultimate authority to help me?

Make sure that any new home builder you select can answer these questions to your satisfaction before beginning the design/build process.

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