Moving Checklist -

Moving Checklist

Move like the pros with these helpful tips:

Now that you’ve found your home and closed on your loan, it’s time to move! Print this moving checklist out to help remind you of the myriad of things that need to be done to ensure a smooth and worry free move.

One month before the move

  • Make arrangements to hire a mover or rent a truck.
  • Make babysitting and/or pet care arrangements for moving day.
  • File a change of address form at the post office.
  • Change address on all newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • Arrange for the transfer of all medical, dental and school records.
  • Transfer medical, property, fire and auto insurance.
  • Organize all move-related documents in one place, such as a folder or binder.

Two weeks before the move

  • Cancel/transfer utilities (water, gas, electric, telephone, TV/cable/satellite/Internet).
  • Check with your provider about cell phone service in your new location.
  • Transfer prescriptions to a pharmacy near your new location.
  • Transfer bank accounts to local branch.
  • Collect or purchase all packing supplies; boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap.
  • Labels, markers, box cutters or scissors and packing tape.
  • Pack up items in garage, attic and storage areas.
  • Confirm arrangements with movers or truck rental place.

One week before the move

  • Begin packing boxes, labeling each as you fill it.
  • Empty, defrost and clean refrigerator, freezer and stove.
  • Return all rented movies, library books, video games, etc.
  • Pick up anything outstanding such as dry cleaning, prescriptions, etc.
  • Order new tags for your pets, if your animals are microchipped, update the online registry with your new address.

The day before the move

  • Do a final check of closets, cabinets and drawers.
  • Make sure you have enough cash on hand for the move.
  • Take out all trash.
  • Fully charge all cell phones.
  • Touch base with movers or truck rental place for a final confirmation of arrangements.

The day of the move

  • Exchange contact info with the movers in case you need to get in touch while in route.
  • Include your old/new address, cell phone number and directions to new location.
  • Keep jewelry and other valuables with you, in a box that you move yourself.
  • Prepare a box of supplies that you will need right away on move-in day, such as: cleaning supplies, snacks & beverages, toilet paper, bath and bedding items, trash bags, disposable dishes, pet food, cell phone chargers, prescriptions, eyeglasses and changes of clothing.
  • Do a final check before locking the doors.
  • Confirm that you have turned off the furnace/air conditioner.
  • Confirm you have turned off lawn sprinklers, and light switches.
  • Turn over keys and garage door openers.

After the move

  • Update your drivers license with your new address.
  • Update your billing information for your credit card companies and debit cards.
  • Notify your Human Resources department of your change of address.
  • Update voter registration with your local district.

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