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Our Zero Out of Pocket Refinance Guarantee*

Did you hear the market just got better?

When you finance your home with the Dallas TX branch of Skyline Home Loans we guarantee that if the interest rates improve you are protected. Regardless of when you closed your loan with us we will refinance your loan with no “out of pocket” costs. That’s right, no money out of your pocket. We will pay for the appraisal, credit report, processing, underwriting and any additional lender fees. You can be confident that your financial well-being is secure with us.

We guarantee to refinance your home with zero out of pocket

We will cover the costs and we won’t raise your balance to complete the loan. Many lenders roll the costs into the new loan but we don’t operate that way. Your current payoff will be your new loan balance, and we can even shorten your term and save you even more money in finance charges.

Are you ready to move forward with a purchase or refinance? Please give us a call at 888-810-1459 and let us help you secure financing for the purchase of a new home or save you money on the refinance of your existing home. Be sure to ask your loan officer about our closing costs incentives and our low rate guarantee!

*Zero Out Of Pocket Refinance Guarantee Disclaimer: Borrower is eligible to receive one Zero Out of Pocket refinance with Skyline Home Loans under the following conditions: 1) The borrower must have previously financed a home purchase with the Dallas TX branch (“Dallas branch”) of Skyline Home Loans. 2) Refinance offer is only applicable to the original property that was financed with Skyline Home Loans and is not transferable to a new property. 3) Borrower must be able to qualify and be approved for a refinance loan with the Dallas branch of Skyline Home Loans. Upon satisfaction of all conditions Skyline Home Loans will refinance your Home Loan at today’s available market rates with zero out of pocket costs to the borrower. The Dallas branch of Skyline Home Loans will utilize a lender credit to pay all of the borrower’s allowable closing costs excluding pre-paids and third party fees such as prepaid interest, property taxes, state mortgage taxes, lender payoff fees and any type of insurance. Zero Out of Pocket Refinance Guarantee may not be available with other Skyline Home Loans branches. This offer is subject to underwriting approval. Not all applicants will qualify. Final loan approval is subject to verification of income, assets, appraised value and specific requirements for individual loan programs and products. Interest rate might not be lower than current rate. Some Restrictions may apply. Products and services may not be available in all states and are not available in states in which Skyline Home Loans is not licensed. Offer available only through the Dallas branch of Skyline Home Loans. Loan options, rates, and terms are subject to change at any time. Please consult with a Skyline Home Loans Dallas branch loan officer for additional details.