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Skyline Home Loans Customer Reviews

Skyline Home Loans Customer Reviews: Moody Family

Skyline Home Loans assisted us with about $9,000 in closing costs and that was certainly a huge factor when we decided to move forward with Skyline Home Loans that additional flexibility to come in and not have the burden of a full large down payment was extremely helpful and allowed us to get into our dream home.

Skyline Home Loans was an excellent place to do business simply because they were extremely available, very particular about every step of the process, and I always wanted to know what’s next what’s next what’s next so they were very eager to answer my questions help me understand what I needed to do from my end and working with them was a pleasure.

Skylines rate was extremely competitive, the loan that I used can sometimes have high rates and considering the service that I got, I was extremely happy.

The one word I would use to describe my experience with Skyline Home Loans is easy. They were very professional and certainly the communication was always there and the process was easy. I would definitely recommend Skyline Home Loans to my friends and family. The ease of the process is second to none. Certainly communication is a big deal for me and I know any time you're dealing with a home purchase or something that large you need to have that open honest communication and I feel like that they provide that.

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