Skyline Home Loans Customer Reviews -

Skyline Home Loans Customer Reviews

Skyline Home Loans Customer Reviews: Olawuwo Family

Perfect. They performed very great. They were always at my beck and call so I found that very important especially being a new home owner.

What do I like best about working with Skyline Home Loans was the fact that William was available unlike the other lenders I would have to call them on the phone and they were not directly available but William was available and I could go and visit him at his office so that was a winner for me. It was very helpful actually because my husband had been considering other lenders and we had spoken to William so we were very open with him and told him that we were considering other lenders and asked him what he could do for us. And he did tell us that if we get any other loan approval from other lenders he is willing to match it which he did and he really saved us a whole lot of money so he was very helpful.

I would recommend a new home buyer to Skyline Home Loans? I would tell them go for it, don't hold back, speak to the person in charge, visit them if you can, because they will make you very comfortable and much more if you have something to compare with they actually will do a very good comparison rate so they can get the best rate possible.

At the end of the day, Skyline Home Loans gave me the best rate that I could possibly get from all the lenders I was considering, so yes, I am happy about that.

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