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Skyline Home Loans Customer Reviews

Skyline Home Loans Customer Reviews: Suber Family

Skyline Home Loans gave us over $9,000 in closing cost assistance. We were so excited! They worked with us, they made sure we had all our paperwork in and that we were able to get our loan closed at the time period that they said they would.

Jeff, he's an expert at what he's doing and we were so glad we worked with him because he was able to get all the paperwork in, make sure the loan was funded at the time that we needed it to, and get us the best interest rate.

I would tell another buyer if they ever wanted to consider Skyline Home Loans to go ahead and do it because they are an excellent lender and they get the job done and you'll get your house in a timely manner that you need it.

I would recommend Skyline Home Loans to my friends and family because of their low interest rate and all the money they give you for your closing costs you will save lots of money and have money to buy whatever you need for your new home.

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