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Skyline Home Loans Customer Reviews

Skyline Home Loans Customer Reviews: Ward Family

Skyline Home Loans provided us with $5,000 credit towards closings cost which was amazing. The thing I loved most about working with Skyline Home Loans was about how easy it was to communicate. A lot of times we would call other people and we would have to wait two or three days to get communication back. When I called Jeff, if it wasn't within the hour it was within that same day.

I would tell another person about Skyline Home Loans is that the personal touch that I got was something that you can't pass up, it's just amazing. It's the communication and being able to call up and check on every stage of the process. It's that sense you know that they really care about you. Jeff Weems was amazing, even everyone I talked to in his office were just great at keeping me informed about where we were if something needed to be sent in or if something needed to be signed, all that stuff.

We compared our interest rates before going with Skyline Home Loans and Skyline Home Loans was able to be extremely competitive and beat both of the other loan companies we were thinking about going with. I would definitely recommend Skyline Home Loans to my friends and family to use as houses.

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